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Background mode automatically exits

Hello,I have a rog phone 7 ultimate and background mode works flawlessly if my phone isn't on charge. If I put my phone on charge and go to sleep, when I wake up the game has exited. If I don't put my phone on charge overnight, the game stays in back...

b0b by Star I
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Questions about the different versions of the ROG phone 7

I am looking to buy an ROG phone 7 but I've been reading that there are key differences on the different versions available. Some are GSM and no CDMA, there's north america and global versions, a tecent one that I have no idea what it does or what di...

Should i buy rog phone 7 or wait for variant

So i have been looking for a phone recently, i got an iphone xs currently and really want something with amazing battery. There are also a couple things im not happy about with rog 7. Such as no wireless charging aswell as relatively bad camera. Im h...

sunio by Star I
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Resolved! Slower loading compared to iphone 14

I bought the ROG phone 7 as I heard that the phone is faster than iphone. However I realized that loading time is faster on the iphone 14 compared to the ROG phone 7. Is this phone slower than iphone 14 or its the app being optimized well on the ipho...

Goat123 by Star I
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Phone heats up easily and battery drains fast

Hi, i am a new user of ROG phone 7 upgrading from iphone 7. This is my first rog phone and after the latest update the battery life drains so fast. The bad thing is i am playing mobile legends at LOWEST graphic setting with 60fps but if system temper...

Better performance when recording ?

When I recorded myself playing Hi3, I realized that the phone performed better than usual. After trying many times, I realized that when recording video, the performance will be about 10fps better than normal. This problem only appears when I use X m...

Asus14 by Star I
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Issue with Macro on Background Mode on ROG Phone 7

I've seen someone posted about this here, seems to be the same issue I'm having. But there was no clear answer to solve the issue. Is someone else having the problem?Macro on Background Mode seems to work differently than the regular Macro. When I le...

Whatsapp problems

I have noticed two problems using WhatsApp  on ROG 7 Ultimate. One is minor and second is really annoying!Minor:Almost every time no calling sound while making a call on WhatsApp.Major:I have begin to notice since the latest update patch: ( 33.0820.0...

Добрый день! Где взять обновление на телефон?

Подарили 7 Рог фон, но автоматически не обновляется, версия прошивки аж 121( как и где загрузить,не понятно, на оф.сайте тоже не нашлось((( если кто-то поможет в этом вопросе, то будет супер просто!