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Rising Star II

Asus rog phone 7 ultimate . While playing the War Zone game, my battery drops even though it is plugged in. It doesn't matter if I charge it normally or via PayPal. It drops to 70%, then it goes to 80%, and then it drops to 70% again. This is very funny to me.Also, when I quit the game, the fan starts to spin faster. I saw the temperature at 43 degrees due to the summer heat, so I can understand the rotation speed of the fan from there. 


When the phone is being idle , it's temperature is 39 C.  Is it normal ? NO. I'm not only talking about gamin , I'm talking about everyday use ! Calling , surfing on net ...

I think there may be a problem with the translation, that's why you can't understand me. That's exactly what I'm telling you, even if there is no performance right now, I say there is a warm-up, but if there was a performance and there was a warm-up, there is nothing you can do about it, that's what I meant. 

Rising Star II

The high temperature of the phone is a serious problem because it damages the phone and limits the performance. In my opinion, 40°C is already too much. When I had Android 14 on my Rog 7 phone, the temperature quickly rose to 45°C while gaming. Now that my phone was downgraded to a stable Android 13 system, the temperature does not rise higher than 37°C during an 8-hour game session, even if I don't use a cooler.

Please insist with your service center that they provide you with the downgrade software, we need it urgently.

Asus through its moderator @Mattias_ASUS  He told us that he is not going to help us with the degradation of Android.

I have asked and they said that the downgrade can't be done at home because they don't have a traditional downgrade file to downgrade the phone manually. It requires professional maintenance and the necessary applications and software because the discount is done on a computer to unlock the bootloader.