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Rising Star II

Asus rog phone 7 ultimate . While playing the War Zone game, my battery drops even though it is plugged in. It doesn't matter if I charge it normally or via PayPal. It drops to 70%, then it goes to 80%, and then it drops to 70% again. This is very funny to me.Also, when I quit the game, the fan starts to spin faster. I saw the temperature at 43 degrees due to the summer heat, so I can understand the rotation speed of the fan from there. 


Rising Star II

For some unknown reasons , android 14 has been suffering from high overheating issue and so many other bugs. So many users posted on this forum when their phone is being idle , their phone's temperature is around 38 to 40 C. I myself have been having this issue for more than 2 months. I don't know what's going on with Asus.

I am someone who always says that heat is not important, let alone performance, but we cannot get performance anymore, what is this heat problem? 

I personally disagree with you on that brother, because high overheating can break down CPU or the BATTERY and somehow it effects on performance too. Since Android 14 , many users have been complaining about different issues like fps drop , overheating , air triggers malfunction , and so on. The OS is full of bugs !

If you are a member of gaming groups, you can see that every phone gets hotter than this. If you want performance, you have to put up with the heat, but the problem is not the heat, the problem is the heat, although there is no performance.