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Android 14 Useless

Star III

Pls ASUS Show me, how to downgrade ROG Phone 7 Android 14 to Android 13, I Want to go back to the old version, because Android 14 so useless, make my phone so laggy and everygames stuck at 60Fps and sometimes drop to 30Fps...Pls FIX ASAP.


I just tried to see if the system update affected the performance of the AeroActive cooler 7. Otherwise, the cooler worked correctly, but I noticed one problem. When I modify the Aeroactive cooler's lighting in the settings, so sometimes it doesn't react at all.

Hallo ASUS, when u ready upload new update file ? we need to fix this issue ASAP, i can't wait anymore, my job stoped because of this, bad update ever, Android 14 make my phone like a trash 😞

did you try update WW-34.1010.0820.60

Star II

Already thinking of trading this phone with another Xiaomi

And won't buy another ASUS phone

Rising Star I

did you try WW-34.1010.0820.65? came out 3 days ago