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Android 14 update is dropping FPS in Games

Star II

After I was forced to update to Android 14 Call of duty mobile has FPS drops randomly and also the left trigger when held down bugs at times and acts like if I let it go. Also the display is not as sensitive to touch as it used to be while playing other games. This broken updates HAS to stop. super disappointed with this forced updates that you guys well know no one has optimized to run yet and we the costumers got to deal with this 😡😡😡


Star II

On my Rog Phone 7, everything was perfect on Android 13, but then an update came out on Android 14, first the firmware was WW_34.1010.0820.55, it was terrible, the phone started to lag terribly, there were problems with triggers, then the update WW_34.1010.0820.60 came out, it got a little better, but that’s all equally bad! It has become impossible to play in pubg mobile; when you hold a grenade, it flies out of your hand earlier than necessary due to the fact that the trigger is not held and released, FPS still often drops. At the same time, I ordered Rog Phone 8 Pro, it hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m already scared that there will also be problems with stability... Please give us the opportunity to roll back to Android 13 on rog phone 7

Rising Star I

Oh my god how frustrating this is, I feel like no one reads our complaints and they don't care about us either, I paid 1300 dollars and I shouldn't have this problem, where is the management In this place, where are the moderators? Because no one speaks out. My God we are your consumers shouting for help. This is not fair, this is not fair. 

Star I

Same for me,my trigger îs not working after update android 14!!!! Please fix this problem!!!