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ROG Phone 6D - General Discussion Thread

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Hi all,
We are only a couple of days (!) away from the ROG phone 6D launch event. General discussion threads will be removed moving forward and you are kindly asked to use this thread if you want to discuss the ROG Phone 6D with other Zentalk users.
Post-launch, please refrain from using this thread to highlight technical issues, bugs or sales-related topics, as this thread exists for general discussion purposes only. If you want to highlight an issue, please create a separate thread and an ASUS moderator staff will assist you further.
As always, keep it clean and be respectful. The thread will be moderated accordingly and posts that break ASUS's community rules will be removed. If you spot any bad behavior in this thread, or any other thread on Zentalk, please let a moderator on the ASUS staff know.
GL HF! ❤️
ROG Phone 6D Event | ROG

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I don't think it's that simple, I've explored the Dimension open resource architecture and seen nothing in connectivity other than bluetooth, so if the mediatek modem driver is licensed and priced differently or even 2 different drivers (dual standby or dual active) it will be impossible to activate the dual active. on the other hand to modify all the software which uses the SIM must be adapted, I doubt, especially without doc.
Without forgetting that it is not the first destination of the telephone
Too bad for those who play taf, play while receiving or making pro calls🤣

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Update from Asus CM here, Indonesia won't be receiving the 6D variant, but with 6D not having Dual Active is not a big disappointment either.

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I agree on the last part. Because the 6D ultimate has the latch with a proper heatsink, it's passive and active cooling capabilities are far better than the regular models. I don't know why people have to pay extra 480bucks to get proper cooling and not an oven, it's bs.

@waxy78611 yeah, so far the dimensity looks so good on paper, but we have to yet see if there is reliability issues with it.

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Hey bro. I recommend checking out GSMArena review on rog6d. It's vastly different to the review of PhoneArena. So much so that according to GSMArena, it's better to go for the snapdragon version instead of Dimensity

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Hey bro. I recommend checking out GSMArena review on rog6d. It's vastly different to the review of PhoneArena. So much so that according to GSMArena, it's better to go for the snapdragon version instead of Dimensity

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I generally don't like GSMArena's reviews as they tend to have a bias and many times simply arent correct. Take the Rog3 for instance, you'd think they would mention the heavy color banding, but no, they just call it a, and i quote "Glorious display".
To illustrate their bias on towards qualcomm, they flatout mention that the battery life is supposdely better on the regular Rog6.
So if you are after the ROG Phone 6 with the best possible battery life, you should go for a Snapdragon model.
But, if you look at the battery stats, it goes against what they say:
As can be seen here, the difference between "surfing the web" and call is negligible, however once media consumption is thrown into the mix, the 6D pulls way ahead. What they also completely fail to mention is that the dimensity is far better handling loads than qualcom is, which has been noted by the reivewer tech spurt who noticed a huge difference in battery life when gaming, which does seem in line with this test as well.
When it comes to camera portion, they again are full on going against what we can see. the 6D makes notably more natural, accurate and cleaner pictures and when processing gets more demanding the 6D is on another level.
This is the Rog6D, the green is your typical processed weird green, but also extremely noisy and blurry due to very poor noise reduction algorithm. Lets see how that looks on the Rog6D.
Much cleaner, colors actually represent more true to life green, noise redution works very well while retaining detail. Overall much cleaner and better shot. Lets take a harder example to show the massive difference:
As you can see here, this shot is very difficult, having a very bright background while you are in the dark, showcases the cameras ability to process HDR, and here the Rog6 Snapdragon did not do a very good job. It completely overexposed the shadows, the person looks very flat and unnatural, his face got a filter on it, which makes his face not only look weird but very smudgy as well, meanwhile on the 6D:
It exposed the image perfecly, it looks real, detail in his face remained as well. This portrait is worlds ahead of the snapdragon version, and this makes sense, because roughly 3x more processing power on the ISP, ofc the result will be better.
So take a closer look at the review and then maybe you will realize that the review actually does tell you that the snapdragn is better but shows you that the 6D is infact better.

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There are some shocking points on gsmarena like 6D Ultimate overheating with or without aeorocooler compared to 6 Pro, with AeroCooler it is absolutely wrong and it mute about the fps drop much better.
Photo and video, the comments do not highlight the huge difference with the 6/6Pro while it is obvious in the comparison tool, both on the test chart and on the photo.
The battery, the little difference (0.30h) on 2 points is qualified as enormous, the 3h difference in media is passed over in silence. No test in games, the difference in games should approach this difference in media.
The comments on the perfs, blah, on 6/6Pro when they are extremely bad 'ex Vulkan, are ignored, on 6D they are described as "expected"
A lot talks about perf in emulation, the latest emulator updates I've seen concern more optimization points on Vulkan than on the new SOC QC since the 845, wait to see.
Finally on the load, gsmarena indicates real happiness PD/PPS as well as 6/6Pro as on 6D!! on 6/6Pro and on 5/5s it's QC5 and whatever the mode it's the worst black spot.
Médiatek hasn't communicated on Pump Express since 2018, most likely it would be PD/PPS, the ASUS implementation sucks (bug, 18w, 30w or even 0w) with any charger that isn't ASUS, with the 6D that will it be?