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ROG Phone 6/6D users - Is it possible to still make custom ROG Vision GIFs like in ROG 5s Pro?

Rising Star I
For context, anyone with ROG Vision on 6 or 6D can attempt to replicate this tutorial I made for ROG 5s Pro's ROG Vision:
Felis Alpha

Hi all, this is just further screenshots add-on for the past topic:

By the end of the whole thing, your gif you want to use in ROG Vision should have this HEX value as shown (See original thread above for details unless moderator merges them):


For beginners who don't know how to make a GIF yet, you can just download any animated GIF you can find on Internet first then simply append this HEX value. Then, find a tutorial on how to use Premiere Pro or Photoshop (or their FOSS apps) to make an animated GIF.


Tip - How to Make your own ROG Vision Back LED Panel Animated GIF (Further Images)
Just wondering if people can still make custom GIFs for the latest 6/6D's ROG Vision, as I don't foresee myself buying 6/6D unless my 5s Pro breaks now (I usually buy only after 2-3 iterations later). Thanks!

Zen Master III
There is an open topic on the Chinese discus, the same procedure and hex series does not work on the 6D

Rising Star II
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