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Suggestion: New feature, Performance Control Panel

Star II

Hello everyone, so im a razer fanboy who owned RP2, the phone was great but full of bugs and other manufacturers hardware malfunctions.

so i went with my second option Asus ROG phone 6, i was skeptical at first, but it was amazed and it made my RP2 Looks like a joke.

The only complaint i have is the screen is too long and lacks width compared to RP2 " i hope the new Asus Mobile phone to have more width yes it would be a little too big and bulky but that will also allow for performance boost as you got more space to work with.

aside from all that.


" the real Talk start here"

the phone is great but it would be cool to have control over the GPU\CPU performance such as how many Ghz are we allowing the integrated CPU to use.

do we limit it from 2.2Ghz to 1.9ghz or do we increase it?

since some people live in cold places and Not to mention we got the cooling accessory so heat may not be an issue so we boost performance for that case.


some live in harsh and extreme heat country like saudi, so we may find better performance by throttling the CPU so that it doesnt get throttled from overheating.


so comes the Performance Control panel, its an app that could be installed from google play, a panel where its user friendly GUI, with simple advanced and Nerd options

each will have various options and tweaking limitations as Simple would be for those who doesnt know anything and the settings they can use are none aggressive and safe such as only CPU underclocking with no Overclocking.

the Advanced GUI has the overclocking option enabled but there is a limitation and the most you can do is overclocking by 10% for example only.

the Nerd however is a full control option. you have no more restrictions, with that it comes with an agreement that you will void your warranty and that are you sure you still want to proceed regardless?.

this is for where content creators may do some experiement and push the phone beyond its limitation.

works great to show case the phone durablity compared to its competition.





Hey @Neuro1999,
Thanks for your feedback, I've forwarded the issue to the R&D department.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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