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ROG Phone 5 - Performance Increases

Star III

Model Name: ROG Phone 5 (I005DA)

Firmware version: 33.0210.0210.221

Rooted or not: Not

Frequency of occurrence: Most of the time (~80%)

App name: Armoury crate and Game Genie?


Alright, this might sounds dumb. So, I got this phone eventually even after Danishblunt's suggestion to me (a bloody bargain price, 10% of the retail price lol). Just out of curiosity, I get what I've paid for-poor performance and makes me missing my Legion Phone Duel (L79031) more. So much for the hyped and overrated imho.

But somehow, I just discovered that if I switch on the fly from Dynamic to Ultra-Durable during a gameplay session, I can retain ~60 FPS during my CODM gameplay (Battle Royale mode). The system temperature remains around 45-57 degree celcius. Which is odd.


Oh, and with this device, I've learned a lesson to do thorough research and taking full into consideration on any long-term devices rather than just mugging all those popular "tech reviewers" reviews.


Star III

Edit: 45-47 degree celcius. And other games like Devil May Cry - Peak of Combat works great as well

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Be warned that up to 45° is not healty for device, especially if u use it for long term time. Just down the temp at lvl 5 and you good to go.

Noted, it's difficult to retain the temperature below 45 celcius though. Only if I play CODM or DMC in a well air-conditioning room (24 celcius).

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