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ROG 5 genshin impact increase performance

Rising Star I


Use  hardcore tuning "advance" and try copying my settings in the vid. " Caution "you need a decent cooler or the aero cooler 6 before using this profile . My max temp while recording during gameplay  while using the aero cooler 6 frozen mod is  46c to 47c.

As much as possible I would stick on this graphics settings  on genshin for stable gameplay if you try to lower some settings the better.

While  recording random fps drop 

"Open world performance"


"Domain performance"





Star III

Nice. Have you tried switching the mode while playing the game? Like from X mode or Dynamic to Ultra-Durable?

Rising Star I

I tried switching while playing unfortunately I'm having a  very poor fps on genshin 

Well, I got better performance in CODM and DMC by doing that, at least constant 60 FPS during most of the time. Perhaps GI is a way too demanding game.

Star I

That can't be the latest firmware given how your game genie looks like