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rog 7 displayed as rog 6 in "about phone" menu, battery drain faster and hot temperature issue

Star II

Hi i am rog 7 user.

I just found my rog 7 phone displayed as rog 6 in 'about phone' option. I sent the picture for this issue.

is it affected to it performance?

sometime the battery drain faster and the phone temperature often increase.

I updated the firmware to .71 version.

Thank you


Rising Star II

I recommend switching to another phone brand and bypassing Asus from afar. Almost 5 months ago, Asus gave the A14 update, after which the phones became unusable. They have released several "corrective" updates but they have only made the problems worse. They purposely lower the performance of the phone and ruin the phones. The Rog Phone 7 is not the only phone from Asus that has met this same fate.

Rising Star I

The notification LED color still has a bug, and furthermore, if you open an app that's already running and then swipe the navigation button without closing the app, you'll notice that the app is still running even though it's been minimized in the navigation menu