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Rog6 with air cooler and Kunai gamepad. Not being powered

Star III
Hello, I am trying to use the cooler with the gamepad at the same time while connected to power. Nothing continuously stays powered/operational? I'm on android 12 with a base rog6. Original charger....

\edit even just using the cooler alone, exiting a game to the launcher immediately breaks connection and port no longer seems to be used for charging

I know what's possibly happening. I'm using passthrough charging in games. When I switch out it's getting confused with the USB connections. Possible to fix through a phone update or firmware?


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The information we have on USB-C of the AeroCooler 6 is that it only transmits the charge, your Kunai is connected via Bluetooth?, or USB-C which seems impossible?

Maj Firmware aerocooler failed, untimely disconnection, disconnected/reconnected to activate the freezing mode, on 6 and 6D are recurrent problems in the Chinese discus since October.
The moderator's last post indicated a fix on the next firmware, so in theory the .241 should fix this issue.

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Community Manager
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