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ROG phone 6

Star I

Anyone else having issues with the software update?I bought this phone about a month & a half ago and I saw that a software upgrade was available so I downloaded the update,phone reboots and it get a notification saying the update has failed and the software has been reversed back to android 11, same thing has happened several times now



Which firmware version do you have?
Also, please try clearing the cache following these steps: Go to Settings > Storage > Apps > Press the 3 buttons on the top right corner and choose Show System > now search for System Update > Clear cache.

I currently have version the last  avalble download from the asus rog 6 bis's firmware page ? please look at images below and thanks for your help:)







Star II

I'm having the same exact issue I purchased mine about  12 months  ago Of course I unlock the boot loader because the tool was available inside of Asus's website the firmware update so I unlocked mine and did manual updates up until now currently running Android 13 and was downloading 14 yesterday and I get the same error this update has failed I am copying the zip file to my route directory inside of my PC I have tried other versions of the software however it does not even recognize this when I do that any work around for this would be extremely helpful but I'm experiencing the same thing and I love my ROG 6 I also purchased the rog 8 and believe me it's nothing like the 6 or 7 it's very cheap and gets hot very fast I'm thinking of returning it but I do like the extra storage however it feels about like an Android Samsung or pixel not gaming like at all and the sound quality is horrible compared to what I'm used to coming from the 6 🙂Screenshot 2024-03-21 005207.png20240321_004205.jpg