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ROG phone 6 pro system lighting not working

Star II

Model Name: ROG phone 6 pro 

Firmware Version: Not showing in the hardware details

Rooted or not: Not rooted 

Frequency of Occurrence: Started a few days after picking up my phone from the service centre, already been a week since then and no lighting till now. 

Please help me check what's the issue here. If I'm using X mode also it's not working. Only when I Jack the cooler it works ,after removing it will stop as well. I don't know what is the issue here. 


Okay will try it, thank you.

Zen Master II

Maybe your lighting connector loose


My phone didn't fell before . Can the connector be loose after using the phone normally?

It can 

Try to open your phone backdoor and check its connector

If its warranty still on then bring it to service center so their staff will open it for you and not makes your warranty void

I will go at a different service centre which they would actually help. Here at my area those guys are too lazy to entertain this issue and always trying to send the phone to another place for repair even though just checking they won't do it.

Thanks for the advice. I'll check that out.