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Planning to buy

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Is this phone worth buying this days? I see the prices is now not too much expensive, i played games (codm, warzone mobile, & nba2k20). I used most of a time of banking apps, using social media apps, video calling. I dont much care about the system or software updates, only specific apps updates i care especially banking apps.  I see some many post here about the camera problems when they used it for video calling, is that really a true issue? And hows the signal connectivity is it good? I'm a seafarer im working at sea and i was wondering how good this phone picking up a signal. 


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For gaming and everyday use, look for a phone with strong performance and compatibility with your banking and social apps. Check user reviews for any reported camera issues during video calls. For signal connectivity, prioritize phones with good reception, especially for maritime use. Happy phone hunting!


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Of course, even the Asus ROG phone 5 is still relevant and supports games very well, for example pubg mobile 90fps works very well

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This is gonna be my first rog phone, i wanna make sure i dont regret this, yes i have read many post here during calls in fb messenger there camera crash and went black or bootloop, its really wierd. Some of the moderator says bring to service center due to hardware issue and yet there still a same problem. Idk if users messed up something, too heavy usage or the phone itself has a problem. 

Honest dont 

Buy yourself red magic 9

My first time rog 

And it suck a lot error