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ROG Phone 6 camera bootloop, again.

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Hello,so i have Asus ROG Phone 6 (16GB/512GB version) for half a year now and i have a weird issue recently.
The phone will sometimes freeze when i using the camera app/or doing anything with the camera like scanning QR codes, it'll crash and stuck in a boot loop for a while but it eventually boot back in the system.I clear the cache as someone here in the forum told me but it stills persist.Appearantly they didn't EVEN BOTHER to fix this in the new Android 13 patch.

Anyone here got the same problem as mine ? All of us with this bug should gather around and tell Asus all about it.I'm pissed.This probably going to be my last Asus product,ever.This is definitely not about the hardware, it's more about the apps/software.And please don't pull that "send it to repair center" shtick to me,i don't even think they know this bug/and it's time consuming/not solves anything at all.


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Hi did you solved it i have the same problem i am from israel and my phone new maybe i have it month ill be happy if you or someone else can respond 


if you bought the phone from israel then return it for a good one or get it fixed. If it is from another country just forget repairs. 

To answer your question the issue has not been resolved, the only way it will be resolved is with a Motherboard replacement. i have disabled all camera permissions and i try to never use it, because of that i have not faced the issue for a very long time. 

I cleaned the chache mem and now the camera working with out to get freez and i used the phone cleaner to close any backgroud app so until now looks fine iff that happens to me again im going to exchange the rog phone to s23 i still have warrenty ty for your reply bud


even i have done all the multiple steps above, format phone, cache, tried google camera app. The issue disappears for a few days and then back again!! also everytime it goes into bootloop, it takes longer and longer to come back! 

i strongly suggest you RMA the device while in warranty

Just because im not mobile atm 😔 i cant go back to the store but probably that's what im gonna do thx a lot 😊