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Call of duty mobile

Star II

I keep trying to load into call of duty mobile but every time I try it loads in and then kicks me out the app and basically closes the app and every time I re open it, it doesn't work and I even factory reset the phone and the problem still persist. I believe it because of the update to Android 13 mines is still on Android 12 so hopefully the new update fixes this issue.



Star II

Такая же проблема на Rog phone 5

И проблема не в обновление андроиде, а похоже в самой игре, т.к вроде на black shark 5 вроде такая же проблема и у многих на 5 и 6 Rog, началось все видимо вчера

Yeah I guess it's on both rog phone 5 and rog phone 6 I need this fixed because I play for leaderboards


Надеюсь исправят оперативно, написал и в асус и в гугл , но нужно написать лучше в активижн