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Call of duty mobile

Star I

I keep trying to load into call of duty mobile but every time I try it loads in and then kicks me out the app and basically closes the app and every time I re open it, it doesn't work and I even factory reset the phone and the problem still persist. I believe it because of the update to Android 13 mines is still on Android 12 so hopefully the new update fixes this issue.



Star III

Go to x mode, edit, dezactivate hyperfusion.

That didn't do anything this issue has nothing to do with wifi or data


Star I

I have the same problem. Did you fix it?

I have two other friends with the same rog phone 6 and we are all three still having the issue I think we have to wait for the Android 13 update



Star I

this is due to the settings, then expanded, to the optiflex option and to the twin apps function. Simply deactivate then it should work!