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ROG 6 Heat

Star I

Model Name: ROG PHONE 6Firmware Version: V33.0610.2810.166Rooted or not: notFrequency of Occurrence: HIGHAPP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): PUBG Mobile

Before i update, everything fine, but after update firmware to use cooler, even with cooler when i playing pubg mobile 90 fps smooth graphic and reach 43c, it's starting laggy, and now when i not use cooler it reach 48c and so laggy, is it that firmware update make the phone overheat and not compatible playing pubg mobile? And the problem started when i use cooler with bypass charging



Rising Star II

If you play at 90 fps game mode make your screen refresh rate to 90hz not to 120-144-165

Becouse this 3 mode of the refresh rate force the gpu to his max frequency speed 900mhz ... Thats make the phone very hot and drain battery faster i writed a lot about this problem but no one make attention about this also if you use 120hz mode in desktop mode again it use max gpu frequency and that drain battery faster again .... I made a lot of test i find a way to lock the GPU speed in game at 364 mhz i thing an the game work perfect whitout fps drops lower battery usage and better temperatures so in te end if you play games at 90fps use a 90hz screen refresh rate and you will see big difference