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ethernet adapter keep disconnecting during games

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hello everybody,
i just bought rog phone 6 three days ago and i noticed some glitches here and there and after searching on internet i found that alot of this bugs or issues happend to other users so i will not talk about it now because majority of that issues is UI related and u can live with it untill receiving new update, but my issue that am gonna talk about is reason that i bought this device and its not accepted at all which is (ethernet adapter connection keeps droping and disconnecting during the game ) yes its gaming phone and the connection keeps dropping. i tried to do many things to fix the issue but nothing solve it, i tried this : unistalled un-nessessery apps+restart device+restart modem+factory reset device ...and nothing solve the issue than i tried to disable the (ARMOURY CRATE) app and i felt that the performance of my device and ethernet connection become slightly better but the issue not solved any one faced something like this. BTW am using good brand adapter (powerology brand) and this adapter works flawlessly with my ipad mini and S22 ultra and am using (cat 6 and cat 7 cable) direct from the router. i wish to find solution for this issue because i cant play call of duty mobile because of this issue!!!

Model Name : Asus rog phone 6
firmeware : Android 12 with last security update
Not rooted
Frequency : sometimes 3 times during the game, sometimes 5 times, sometimes the system not recognise the adapter, sometimes the system takes more than 2 minutes to recognise the adapter, sometimes i need to unplug the adapter 3 times to recognise the adapter
idont know which app causes this and the apps installed on my device is : whatsapp, messenger lite, call of duty mobile

This happend with the USB-C 3.1 located at the left side of the device ( not bottom )

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i wish to fix this issue and others soon.
other issues i noticed from my experience :
1- random restart
2- finger print failed many times during a day
3_ Audio is garbage despite i installed last update, there is missbehaving when calling or watching youtube, i can hear eco sound, it feels like someone talking inside water effect, i noticed that sound changeing while watching one video on youtube, the volume go up than go down and suddenly the voice become deep and i cant understand anything and at the end of the video the coice become normal !!!!!!!!
4- The light sensor doesn't work well
5- Random homescreen freezing
6- weired sound inside headphone while playing call of duty mobile
7- i tried to upload some photos from the gallery app by sharing some photos to google drive (which is allowed in all android devices ) but i couldn't because the system limitation allowed me to share only one photo!!! so all i did that i uploaded all the photo by going to google drive app than i pressed the plus button inside google drive app and uploaded all the photos !!! so i wish to make it possible to upload several photos or files direct from gallery app

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It looks like a compatibility problem, it is not normal that it is necessary to make several connections and 2 min to initialize the internet, this first point indicates that there will be problems.
Note, powerology does not seem to be a manufacturer, and not at all specialized in network hardware, it is a multi-product OEM, from blinders to vacuum cleaners, which buys from manufacturers and affixes its brand, even if the problem does not exist. is not imputed, it is not a quality guarantee and impossible to have advanced technical specifications, especially on the chipset, Asix, corechips, realtek, others?, this is the most important info that would immediately to know if it is a compatibility problem, Rog 6 or other. Asus is not better, impossible to know the chipset of the Professional Dock
Regarding operation with Apple and Samsung, it's normal, all manufacturers ensure this minimum compatibility, the problems start with other brands or consoles.
Some tips for testing
To eliminate a power problem, only connect the Rog 6
Disables bluetooh and Wifi of the Rog6, Airplane Mode is ideal for testing
Check that there are no energy savings on the ROG6 but also on the router.
If possible, test with a USB-C Ethernet converter from another brand that certifies Android, which has worldwide distribution and support
Of course, I do not exclude that the Rog 6 is in question, there is still a number of fairly large bugs, audio, the impossibility for a device to wake up the bluetooth ......

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thank you funbike31 for your reply, actully i've tested everything possible to solve issue but am sorry to say nothing helped. i tried to disable wifi, mobile data, blutooth, switched on airplane mode, unplugged other ethernet cable, disabled all asus rog apps like genie and armoury crate, restart my router, factory reset my smartphone, ofcaurse there is nothing of power saving apps or features is enabled. i think that my last hope is to order asus dock station hub from any supplier to get more compatibility and solve this issue.

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Unfortunately, it's been 15 months that each ASUS request answers "ASUS Professional dock" and I don't know any person and any site where it is available, it is no longer manufactured and impossible to find second-hand.
No reason to uninstall software, the problem comes from the Core, at best it will work with a hub equipped with a specific chipset but which one? at worst there is a Bug and it will not work with an Asix, corechips, realtek for the most common.
Try to see different sites like Xda and reddit if other users have a similar problem or on the contrary if they have tested a hardware that works