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Ethernet Not Connecting To ROG 2

Star II
I have Bought new Ethernet cabel , usb to ethernet Adapter And usb to type c adapter

and after connecting everything Nothing happening No Internet. no sign literally nothing
yes airplane mode was activated i tried everything that your common sense tell you.

In My old One Plus internet works By doing this

is there any settings which i don't know that activate ethernet Internet or something?

please fix this ASAP.

Community Legend II
Hi there maybe multiple things to be done. Currently the network part I won't be able to support here. But if you can get the Internet provider and check the router settings this may work.
Check if the Ethernet cable you are using through the router is not set on MAC wit a single access, Internet provider can confirm this.
If the same cable works right now on other phone, then probably it should work. Android doesn't have any specific settings for this.