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change annoying clock on lockscreen

Star II

Are there any ways to change the annoying clock from the lock screen? Currently it is in the left hand-side of the scren, on 2 lines. I have been searching for almost 1 hour to no avail how to change how this looks.

Please help

(the always on top doesnt change this, nor the screen lock menu)

I have the rog 6 with Android 13 but i guess it is updating to 14 at this very moment


Zen Master I

there are 2 options, the small clock or the big clock. but both are 2 lines. Go to system preference, under asus optimized, press more and then choose your clock

Star II

the same horrible horrible options. makes me want to cry

Star II

maybe we can downgrade to android 12 though? to AT LEAST be able to use the zenui keyboard?