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After updating to Android 14 ...

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Model name: Rog phone 6, 12/256

Firmware: WW_34.0210.0210.241

After updating to Android 14.

- While charging, the LED on the front panel glows bright red all the time and turns green only when it reaches 100%. When I change the charging limit to 90%, it stays red when the charging reaches 90% - this function worked properly before updating to Android 14 and the LED was green when the limit was set to 90% and the charging reached 90%.

- The audio creator window is scaled incorrectly and the last button is not fully visible. On Android 13, all the buttons fit into the window and it looked much better. The second thing is that profiles for different headphone models have disappeared, there were several of them on Android 13. There's only one left for Android 14.

- I also found one option in the battery settings that was not translated into Polish. It doesn't look good.

Please fix all this in the next update.


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Model name: Rog phone 6 too

But before updating to Android 14... & I still don't know if I want to update.

Can you check if And14 in Asus has kept call recording? Thnx

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Yes. Call recording works in Android 14 as before on Android 13. I don't see any other problems apart from those I mentioned in the first post.

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Muchas gracias:)

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setelah update ke android 14, tidak bisa mengetik menggunakan macro seperti di gambar. tolong di perbaiki