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Wifi 5g slow

Why is 5g capping my download speed to 30mbps, help fix the issue pls, 

Mja by Star I
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Asusu feedback

ASUS : Do you ever plan to help people or offer them support? You don't even comment on most of the posts, if you know that the A14 is a problem for many people, why don't you offer them the possibility to switch to the A13 in the same way as it was ...


I think Asus brand products are good and have quality for the price. Last year I bought Asus tuf gaming f15 and ROG Phone 6 because I thought they would be good and quality. And in the year I just bought a mobile phone My cell phone started having pr...

Patima by Star I
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Font Display Issue

Actually speaking l, Im encountering the situation where the font displays incorrectly. No matter which font I choose to apply, it shows all the same ugly handwritting font.Have anyone encountered this issue?? If yes, pls share your solution. Thanks,...

Asus Rog 6 BootLoop

Been getting the boot loop issue for a few weeks now..the boot loop happens when I have my mobile data turned on - with AT&T btw. can work around by putting phone on airplane mode and taking sim card out to use Wi-Fi. I did see there was a fix for th...

itachix by Star I
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Sometimes when I open the camera it freezes and then bootloops for quite a long time, this happened after I used the last update.


Sometimes when I open the camera it freezes and then bootloops, sometimes quite a long time, this happened when I used the last update.

airplaine mode automaticaly on

has anyone here encountered about their phone automaticaly switch to airplaine mode while using the phone? i have this issue with my phone i recently baught rog phone 6 16/512 about 10 days ago and have this issue i was thinking of returning it to th...

Battery drain issue

Hi, I just game a little bit and after end it connecting the charger, and the battery just drain up 44 to 1% INSTANT why?

RazoCat by Star I
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