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Air Trigger Problem ROG 6 After Update

Star II

Hi all,

I'm facing issue in ROG 6 build number .260 where after the update, my air trigger is not as responsive as before. When I use it, it felt like released suddenly, where my finger was still push the trigger. 

My phone was in good condition, not ever been broke/falling down. Somewhat, after the update, it bring the error.

Is anyone face the problem same with me? 



Star II

Hi, I have the same air trigger problem with the right one. after recent update i am unable to play codm the right air trigger is as mentioned above by other members who are facing this issue. even touch is not responsive as before. Recent update has destroyed my br rank in codm. kindly fix this issue ASAP! Issue Report Log Uploaded On Drive, Link Below

Star II

Any idea when this issue would be solved?

Don't know, logs have been sent to their developers. We just can wait they fix it fast.

Star I

I had the same issue.

think the source of issue is new air trigger option added to "Air triggers" after update.

I'm not expect fixing this fast , Asus development team is bad 😞.


Star II

I also faced the same problem.. it caused my rank to drop badly in CODM 😭