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Wifi suddenly unable to turn on

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As of this morning, my wifi suddenly unable to turn on.
I was minding my own business playing a game, suddenly i lost connection and the game froze.

After that, the screen turned off on its own and the phone rebooted itself out of nowhere.

Then that's when i discovered the wifi could not turn on anymore.

Why is it that somehow this week there's so many posts about it. I can see 3 posts with WiFi issues this week alone.


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Hi JoeyZ,

I also facing same issue. Gaming till half way game frozen and auto restart phone. After that cannot detect wifi at all.


@JoeyZ , @DaveHao 
According to what you described, please refer to the following FAQ to try to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi problem first.
If the issue persists, I have PM you for confirming your product warranty.
Please check the PM inbox at the top right corner of the screen and kindly provide the requested information.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

Hi Falcon, i would get in touch with them if i can't solve it on my own first. Because I'm certain there will be big costs involved. On top of that, my warranty period has since expired, I'm sure that's the case for every ROG Phone 5 in this world since its been more than the provided 1 year warranty.

I've visited several 3rd party phone repair services that has experience with ROG Phone 5 wifi issues, and they told me that it would require replacing the mainboard which is quite hefty. So i won't be surprised if ASUS Service Center would cost even more. I'd love to get this phone fixed so i can either use this as a backup phone or possibly sell it, cause it'll be shame to just let a powerhouse of a phone to end up being a large paperweight.

Anyway, to answer your question, my serial number I've sent it to you via PM
It was registered on 2021-06-07. That means it's only been 2 years and 7 months till this happened. That's pretty short life and sad if you ask me.

I've also followed your suggestion using FAQ: 1006657 and i did all the steps until i had to resort to the last step which was factory resetting my phone. After it was reset, during the phone setup, it still would not detect any wifi and i can't skip it because it detected that the phone previously had a google account.
I tried using my Type-C hub that had a LAN cable attached that i have used before to play games on or stream, but the phone would not detect the Ethernet on both Type-C ports until its connected to the wifi and complete the google sign-in setup first.

I have since moved to the new ROG Phone 8 but I'm sure hoping it wont make any issues, otherwise this would be my last ROG Phone ever. (I'm not taking it out on you, just saying)

Hi, I've encountered the exact same problem. it can't be a user problem if it happens to so many user around the same timing. Appreciate is Asus can address this.