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Wifi and hotspot are not turning on

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I have a rog 5 indian and my mobile turned off while I'm on it and after restarting wifi and hotspot are not turning on. I'm on latest version please let me know the solution

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Update.after checking with ASUS service centre..since my Warranty already Expired.Asus centre told me Cost for Change Motherboard was USD460 and i need to pay for the cost.For fck sake..its worth it if i change the motherboard..but asus rog 5 still have motherboard problem history..and u think how long will it last?1 year plus again before it Burnt again.Easy money for ASUS..Scam customer with low quality product

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This is a defect that affects all Rog5/5s/ultimate, so don't be fooled, ASUS does not recall them unlike Xiaomi, repairs them when they are under warranty and counts on users who accept this fatality to fix them. pay after the warranty period. Lean on a moderator, write to ASUS customer service, lean on a consumer association if necessary, you should be able to get this repair for free

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I won't be paying a dime for this my warranty period stopped on aug 2022.

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