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Weird ghost touch feeling when playing CODM.

Star I
For some context, I’ll explain partially how the CODM hud works. The hud is divided in two half. The left side for moving (your character) and the right side for aiming. So, when you put a shoot button on the left side, it will only move (so no moving aim). I play with 4 fingers, (and like all serious players) i made a special hud. But the character move button is like a ghost touch.
The phone has a really weird problem. Cause when all four fingers are on the screen, it reset the character move button. And it does that always. Moreover, when I’m on YouTube when I stop a video, the phone start it again himself (like a ghost touched it). Weird.
The first 2 week I bought the phone, there was no problem. But now the phone feels like a mid-range phone with other issues that i don’t want to talk about. I seriously think to return to my old iPhone SE 2020 (even though it’s a really small phone, it was good for gaming…)
Model Name: Rog phone 5
Firmware Version: latest
Rooted or not: not
Frequency of Occurrence: EVERYTIME
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Cod Mobile


Zen Master I
Hi @tuna2010,
Can you confirm if you are experiencing this after latest update?