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Sound quality

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After updating to Android 12 certain sound issues have arose in my phone, such as:
1. Sound loudness has gone significantly down, i mean base is ok, but loudness decreases, as so many medium range phone (which are with my known folks) loudness is much better than mine. I cannot hear properly in quiet environment also.
2. Phone volume on watsapp call is very low now, as compared to before. Speaker volume on call also is very low.
3. Phone volume increase or decrease at only last two level, when volume up is pressed. (Video attached, volume of phone increases at orange level).
4. One more issue i am facing is screen brightness, when I changes screen brightness manually at highest level, even then when I go out in sun, suddenly brightness increases little bit (this level is maximum) more on it's own, after 2-3 seconds it decreases little bit. ( 2nd video maybe able to capture this)


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Hi nineekho,
Thank you for the feedback.
Will have a test, but my most call during travel have been on What's App haven't found any significant difference
Not sure what exactly you are implying here

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Thanks for noting the issues,
Volume during video calls is very low.

At point no. 3 i am trying to imply that, suppose volume key has 10 level of loudness, so till level 8 loudness is like 30-40% and at level 9 and 10 it's maximum. Like sudden jump in loudness from 30-40% at level 8 and 90-100% at level 9-10. Why is that??
Point no. 4, anything to say?

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