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Sim cards stopped working after A13 upgrade and phone rebooting continuously every two hours.

Star II

Currently running Android 13 on my Rog 5 Ultimate, the sim cards stopped working after a sudden automatic reboot and the phone is getting rebooted automatically every two hours continuously ever since.


This is turning in to a nightmare as the motherboard has been replaced twice in the past one year and this could be chance for a third and now I'm out of warranty. 

This is a very serious fault from the Asus end for selling manufacture defective motherboards in thir flagship series which is really the worst for the premium users. 

I need a solution from the Asus end as we are not fools to pay 80000 for a phone and throw it away after one year cause the warranty is expired, nope it doesn't work like that. Need a solution for this ASAP. 


Can't sell the phone if it's not working mate. That's the problem here. 

Sell it for parts 😐👍

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Community Manager
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