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Rog 5 heat

Star I

Hello i keep feeling my rog 5s heating while im using and i just bought it 

What should i do ?



Star I

Heat is normal in a smartphone... but if you check armoury crate and see system temps of over 60 degrees C then you might need to contact asus support. The cpu and gpu can reach temps of 100 C and be fine but the batteries will degrade if the system temperature is above 60 C


Hello @Abude 


Is your ROG overheating without any gaming? Please describe your usage + more relevant information like OS, firmware etc. 

So when im using for example for social media and music like maybe 35 degree i feel it in my hands little bit heating though when im gaming its gets hot its reaches 44 degree C

I have  android 12

This seems like normal usage to me. Gaming will always cause your phone to reach higher temperature levels. Also, if you have xmode on even when not gaming, this could cause your phone to overheat.