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Sim 2 and vibration motor not working

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After using ROG5 for almost 1.5 years, i started facing the problem that my sim2 is not working along with fingerprint sensor and vibration. I've sent to customer care for this, and after almost 19 days my phone was received and running perfectly. But my happiness stays for 6 days only, again facing problem of sim card error. Don't you have any good engineers in team? Only focusing on profit by selling phones (rather i would call bug boxes) at 50-70k.


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Technicians can't help it, the design of the device is a "censored"
The internal cable is too short, it disconnects at the slightest bend, which means you carry it in a tight trouser pocket, walking is enough for the cable to disconnect.
You can try to press very hard on the back of the device at the level of the fingerprint sensor, there are on this thread a multitude of posts with video and photos to try to repair yourself

Then i have to fabricate hardest metal case for the phone

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