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Screen Display became yellowish after update

Star I

Hi, recently i've encountered a problem with the color of my screen, it turned yellowish even though my phone never bump onto anything or getting into the water. I have searched around the internet, i also tried using the google book but it doesnt work.

1. Model Name: ROG Phone 5

2. Firmware Version: 33.0210.0210.221

3. Rooted or not: No

4. Frequency of occurence: Everytime i open applications or just stay in the homescreen, color went back to normal when i scroll the setting panels.



Rising Star II

Is it in certain part of the phone or whole phone all the time yellow ?? Check if night mode is ON or not cause that gives the yellow tint to the display.

it is not in a certain part, but whenever i tried to increase the brightness, the yellowish color became more red until it almost paint the screen into red colored display. The night mode is off thats for sure. And the color revert back to normal (like the white text etc) when i opened the settings on the navigation bar, but then it revert back to yellow whenever i open an application, like google chrome or even games. It is weird.

Better take it to service centre or try resetting the phone. Cause sounds like its a software bug.

Star III


This is a very old bug that has been around since Rog phone 2.

It seems to be a problem with [Splendid app].

After rebooting the system or when a bug occurs,
1. [System-Display-Splendid]
2. Switch to [Default<>Nature] once
3. Move the brightness slider all the way to the left.