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Rog5s after the update wifi is not working

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Rog5s after the latest update wifi and hotspot is not working is anyone facing the same issue?? 


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Send it to a proper repair shop, not Asus service center. I have the same problem for many months now, then yesterday my phone ran out of battery, then it glitches out when I try to charge up and turn it on again, and doesn't boot again. Asus can't do jack except for replacing the board and charge me 70%...and no way to retrieve data. A repair shop at least gets it to boot again, though they tell me to back up data before coming in again to fix up the WiFi.

Admittedly I hadn't heard the explanation properly, but it's due to the sheer amount of heat generated by the SoC that might have eventually compromised its connection to the WiFi module.  SoC reseating might be needed? From my repairman, he says the heat issue causing component failure (up to including crashing the whole phone) is an endemic problem to ROG Phone series as a whole.


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My Rog 5s has the same wifi problem, i cannot connect to any network cause wifi is disabled and it arises just day after my warranty got expired. I got the phone on 5th February 2023 and my warranty got expired on 6th February 2023 and wifi got disable just a day after that is on 7th February. I visited the service centre twice and they said it will cost Rs 40000+ for motherboard replacement which is senseless. 

Hi Pranav, I experienced a motherboard failure when the last update came out in November. Ran the update n a few hours later the phone froze while I was watching YouTube n the phone shut down. I just thought it was a bug n decided to just switch back on. The Asus logo screen came n the graphics went haywire, the phone froze n shutdown again. But this time it refused to power back on nor did it show indication of charging. Took it to the Asus centre as I still had 30 days of warranty remaining. After I explained the situation to the tech there he said "Sounds like there's water ingress". I straight up told him there are a whole bunch of us who had the exact same issue n it was motherboard related. They then accepted it. I had a minor crack on the bottom left of the screen which didn't impact the usability in any way but the tech said that the screen supposedly will break when they seperate the motherboard n forced me to replace it. So I had to pay 18000 for the screen but the motherboard replacement was done under warranty. Now my issue is that the phone has auto installed the recent OS update n has been asking me to reboot the device since the past week but I'm terrified to do so. I've posted a query here but nobody from Asus seems to care to respond. I've been a long time user of ROG products n have never had issues before n hence why I confidently picked up the ROG 5S but both the ROG 5 n 6 variants seem to all have the same motherboard issue n the 2 newer models seem to have alot of bugs. Never expected this from what's a flagship device! Also, have you had any issues with the OS update that came out in November of last year? After the motherboard was replaced last time, the tech there told me that I don't have to worry about future updates but I'm still quite worried about the thing crashing again. My front camera n back cameras seem to have gotten jacked along with that too. The front cam doesn't come on at all n the pics taken with the rear camera looks like a fish eye filter/lens effect! 


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