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Rog phone 5s fingerprint sensor, SIM card, vibration, and airtrigger aren't working

Star I

My phone dropped on the floor and now the fingerprint sensor, SIM card, vibration, and airtrigger aren't working. After researching, I've seen many others facing the same issue. Even though there are no scratches on the phone, which fell from just about 1 meter high, labeling this as user error seems unjustified. Videos I've watched suggest simple fixes for this problem, yet such a basic issue hindering the functionality of a supposedly robust phone is preventing me from upgrading. What if I encounter the same problems again? This design flaw shouldn't exist. Should I just trash a working phone due to its incomplete features


Rising Star II

I had the similar issue last year with my Rog 5 and i somehow figured out the issue  and got it fixed. Below is the link to my post of same issue and solution.

Yes, as I mentioned, I had read about it in my research. Thank you, but why should I have to pay for this? For what seems like a design flaw? Is it normal for us to experience issues just because the phone fell without even a scratch

If its out of warranty, then it will cost you to get it even checked no matter which ever brand phone you take to their service center, even if its a manufacturing defect or flaw. Its a standard practice of service of out of warranty. Connectors are common to disconnect on fall on any brand device. But in my case, my Rog 5 didnt even fall. It just disconnected from inside somehow. 

One another thing, the service center engineer put a hot glue around the connector so it doesnt disconnect easily again. He did this and told me about it to make me reassure it wont disconnect again. So may be you can ask this solution when you go to center.