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ROG 5 Ultimate Portrait mode with the Zen screen MB16AMT

Star II
I have the ROG 5 Ultimate and when I plug it into the Zen screen touch I cannot get the full screen portrait mode. I am able to do this with no problem with my ROG 3. Is this a problem with the Android 11 operating system or is some other feature that is causing it to rotate past the portrait lock? Obviously it's capable of the rotation because I see it rotating to portrait mode but then automatically switches back to landscape, and when in portrait mode it shows a small segment of the phone screen on the Zen screen in the landscape mode making it impossible to see anything. Am I doing something wrong, or is it some other iterative issue with the ROG 5, will or can this be patched in an update?

Zen Master I
Hi @hanskittel,
Please try the following:
Long-press empty space on home screen -> Preferences -> Home screen -> Disable Auto-rotate and Auto-rotate with gaming accessory.
See if that works!
Btw I see you mentioned before on another thread that you were using a ROG 5 ultimate Tencent edition, were you able to contact your reseller for refund?