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Rog 5 not receiving update

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Rog 5

Android 11

Not rooted

My phone is a ROG 5 Tencent version with global rom which I bought from AMazon. How to update coz im still on Android 11? Please help


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Contact Customer Care Once. If they don't help out then reply to this massage 

Until now they did not reply. Even before because this is a tencent version with global rom. I am not receiving manually any updates for the last two years. Hope you can help and guide me.thanks

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Hi, MarkBryann 

To update your ROG 5 Tencent version with a global ROM from Android 11, go to Settings, navigate to System updates, and check for updates. Ensure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, adequately charged, and set to automatically check for updates. If an update is available, follow on-screen prompts for the Over-The-Air update. If not contact customer support for manual update options.

I have tried that multiple times and with no success, even downloaded the manual update but it is not working. Im still on Android 11 and if I remember I havent received any update. If you can help. This is my software version. 18.0840.2103.26