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ASUS typically offers two upgrades and two years of security patches for its lineup.

Typically, ASUS doesn’t release a significant number of phones each year. One would assume this would mean the company would have a stellar phone update policy since it only needs to focus on a handful of devices. Unfortunately, that’s not really the case.

For ASUS’ most recent flagships — the Zenfone 10 and the ROG Phone 8 — the company promised at least two major upgrades. ASUS also said the phones would receive security updates for approximately the same timeframe as system updates, which would suggest two years. However, ASUS’ delivery of updates can be quite slow, so it’s possible this could go on for longer.

Two Android upgrades and two years of patches represent Google’s recommended minimum for after-purchase support. In other words, ASUS is only making the minimum promise for its software.


ASUS’ delivery of timely updates has also been mixed over the years. With the Zenfone 8, for example, ASUS pushed the Android 12 update in early January 2022, roughly three months after the stable launch. Previously, it pushed Android 11 to the Zenfone 7 series in April 2021 — roughly eight months after the stable launch of the operating system. This shows ASUS is getting faster, which is good, but its commitment could be stronger.