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ROG 5 keeps shutting down randomly and when I turn it on , it immediately shuts down again

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I don't have any details with me yet but i bought this phone in 2021 no issues up until last week or 5 days ago when my phone would randomly shut down and at first I could turn it on easily but then it just got worse to the point its hard to turn on again (the volume and power button) . and then when i finally able to turn it on, it immediately shuts off. so i had it checked my technician they said its cpu reballing but after doing that it keeps doing the same thing so idk what the issue is.

ive also done the recovery mode, the restart something, force restart, tried to look it up 

help me ive no other phone and thats like  40-50k 😞

Phone: ROG 5s 

Not Rooted

not related to app. i thought its because of monopoly go i recently downloaded but after deleting its still like that



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Dying power IC or dying Snapdragon SoC,

its dying, get new one if you don't have warranty, "repair" will cost you a new phone, not worth it.


Based on your situation description, it is recommended to contact the service center at your location to send your phone for repair. Once you have submitted it for repair, please provide me with your RMA NO, and I will ask the local service team to assist you with your case.  I have sent you a message, you can provide your contact information and RMA No through the message. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

i did try to have it repaired at a phone technician and they said cpu  reballing  but then they said it doesnt help also what is rma no? cuz i went to asus or rog and they sent me to the phone technician



RMA NO is the repair number, you get this number when you send your phone in for repair.
I have sent you a message again, please check.
Thank you.