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It's been 30days but no replacement done or ETA of device

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There is so much delay in replacing devices. I gave my mobile to service center on 24 sep 2021 they called after 10days around 5 oct and said there are no replacement parts we would like to replace the device, so they said to bring the box and invoice. I submited next day and till then they are delaying to replace the mobile and couple of times i called to customer service and they said mobile is coming from headoffice taiwan so it may take more time. I was like hell,in india there is no replacement device are available. Yesterday i got a mail from asus team they said they will give an update on 25th of oct about the issue. They are not initiating the device or money just delaying days and telling the stupid reason like covid

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Hi venkatrockstar7090,
Reaching out you in PM regarding this.