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Concern regarding the latest update for ROG 5S

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Hello folks! I've a ROG 5S and received the notification alert for the latest update. My phone has automatically downloaded it and is asking me to restart the device. I'm terrified of going ahead cos the last time I ran the update that came out in November I ran the update and it crashed my motherboard and I ended up losing alot of my data because about 35% wasn't backed up. My screen was chipped on the edge but it didn't hinder any of the functionality even by 0.1% but I was forced by the service centre to replace the screen because they said that the screen would crack when they seperated the screen from the panel. The motherboard replacement was done under warranty but I had to bear the Rs18,000+ for the screen replacement. Now my fear is that my phone would die again if restart or the phone auto restarts to continue installing the update it has downloaded because I see alot of comments here stating that their phones have died after the new update. The service center promised me that I won't face further issues even if updated but my faith in them is low because they're technically an authorised service centre but I know for a fact that it's an outsourced outlet since they also work on iPhones, Nothing Phones and a few other brands. The last time this happened my phone was under warranty and that expired on 28th December 2023. Knowing that this is a very prevalent issue I would really appreciate it if someone from Asus's tech team could advice what I should do. As I will be traveling alot for a few weeks in the coming 3-4 days and absolutely cannot afford to lose access to my phone during that time. 


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Can i suggest a solution.

I had my motherboard replaced in Nov, 2022. Since then i've been practicing a trick before i update my Rog 5 phones (i have 2). I turn off the phone for 10-15minutes before i update my phone. And again turn off my phone after update for some time. I never had problem since i've been doing this. Atleast it works for me.

Hey brother, thanks a bunch for responding. Sucks that the tech team hasn't bothered to respond to my query after all these days!

Just to make sure I get this right, are you suggesting that I switch the device off for 15 mins instead of clicking on "Tap to reboot system" and then switch it on? Cos it has already downloaded n updated itself as per the notification I got. It basically is asking to reboot to apply the changes. Also, I just can't understand why this would happen in the first place cos it's not like my device memory is full or that I'm running multiple large games. As a matter of fact, the only game I've on is Real Racing 3. Apart from that I was using the phone for photography as I was able to capture some really good shots with it. But since the motherboard replacement, my front camera doesn't turn on n the rear camera clicks pics that look like it was taken with a fish eye lens/filter! The call receiver speaker went out around the same time too (About 5-6 days after getting the motherboard replaced). 

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Got my rog 5s updated and is working well for now. It had been 5 days.


Hello there,


We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced during the firmware update, resulting in data loss. While it's generally uncommon, it's always advisable to back up your data before initiating a firmware update as a precautionary measure in case of any unexpected issues. Since you've encountered this before, we highly recommend regularly backing up your data. If you continue to face challenges, please reach out to one of our authorized service centers for assistance.