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I never buy this brand again 😞

Star I

My phone wifi and hotspot not working I need change mother board this manufacturing problem and I need to pay the charges there is no proper service centre in my state this my second phone of Rog  I never recommend any one to buy this brand. Still I have Samsung note 9 there is no problem with that. I have Rog 2 this is good phone then I upgrade to Rog 5s pro now this phone have problems I think to update to Rog 8.

Now I decided never buy this brand

Before I proud this phone but I don't know my phone will be dead soon

Don't send me troubleshoot link this not useful there no wifi signal or wifi not turning on

I can't trust this brand anymore because there is lot of same issue on this phone buying




I have sent you a message again. Please check.
Thank you.

Star II

same here , the phone just lost all wifi functionality after a factory reset ( maybe it updated its software)

many people face this issue and asus should either issue a recall or give free motherboard replacements as conveniently my phone had this issue 1 year 5 months after purchase , 5 months after the warranty expired , i own an iphone x and it runs fine till this day , i also own an s21 ultra and s21 fe which which have crossed the 1 yr mark with no issues at all, asus calls their rog phone lineup a premium lineup of phones and if this is what they call premium im sorry to say its absolute ****.  tell me if their are any updates to your case as so many people are facing the same issue

Star III

Same with me. I had ROG 2 and it worked so and still works so good that bought ROG 5s Pro. This phone wen to service centre 5 times and 2 times got MB changed. I think if we are spending that much money on a phone we must look at apple instead of this one. Such an unreliable product and moreover we get only two OS updates. I spent 80K for this stupid product and have to resell for peanuts.