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Consecutive repairing in mobile

Star II

First in my ROG phone 5, i found a problem regarding SIM 2 not working, vibration problem and fingerprint sensor related problem, so i sent my phone to service center and after 20 days, i got my phone returned. Suddenly within a week, i got the same problem and this time along with blue display. So again i gave to service center and then my phone returned after almost a month. After just 04 days of usage, i found that my 3.5mm jack not working and sound is far low then before. Again ready to admit my phone for 15-20 days.  Service center is almost 180km away from my home, do asus pay my transportation and daily allowance also? 

Again I'm saying, i had paid 50k from my first salary for this buggy device and that is worst decision of my life.



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