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Charging issue

Mobile is not charging with USB A to USB C data cable after the latest update. Before the last update the device was charging with all the cable but after after the update I am not able to charge my device at Powerbank, other charger and not ever able to connect my device to Android Auto.

@FunBike31 account to the thread you shared they have release an new update. Even after updating with the latest version mentioned in the thread the issue persist, the left port is acting as primary and charging the more power than the port at the bottom

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@ARP_ASUS linking my duplicate issue here -

There an new update according to the thread - , but issue still has not been resolved.

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Yes, I follow the discussion, but for 4 months now, it looks like the funny story of Fernand Renaud and the Garagiste (sorry, I have no reference in English of such a funny story if it was not also expensive well on)
It's like R&D doesn't have a physical ROG 5 to test, I feel like they develop and test on the dev tool without ever testing on physical hardware.
Just take any PD/PPS charger (+90% of chargers) or external battery, a USB controller to see the problem. And again, they don't seem to have seen the difference when you plug the Cable Rog 5 on (0.45mAh) and on standby (1.90mAh) with a 2mAh charger.
Or in Armory Create, the bottom port which remains on the same defective mAh when changing regular charge - By-Pass or vice versa)

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