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Call Issues in ROG5?

I've been facing an issue while trying to make phone calls on ROG5. The first time I try to call someone, I hear nothing in the earpiece, it's completely blank.So, I disconnect and call again (sometimes I have to repeat this more than once) and then ...

Asus Rog Phone 5s can't update.

Hello, I already had Android 13 on my phone like 2 months ago, but after I sent the phone to warranty, they didn't want to fix it on the warranty, and when I got it back, it only had Android 12, and I can't update it either from the phone or the offi...

D10S by Star I
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Past one week my rog 5s air triggers doesn't work and I even tried clearing the cache even though it doesn't work...A year ago I bought this phone after using 6 months the phone is dead and they suggest me to change the motherboard it claimed under w...

ROG Phone 5s stuck on Android 12

For months, System Update has been saying "Your system is up-to-date" while my ROG Phone 5s is still on Android 12 (WW_31.0810.1226.154).  I am not using a custom firmware or doing anything unusual, as far as I know.Based on another post, I tried boo...

There is a bug in the Audio Wizard application.

Firmware version: or not: NotWhat I feel is the problem is that the display of the equalizer setting in the audio wizard is the same when the earphone socket is plugged in or unplugged, unlike Android 12, the display of the equal...

Rog phone 5 tencents global edition

I need help updating my rog 5 tencents edition. I would like to unlock the oem and I tried the app but I keep getting and try later and it never goes through. I've looked around to see if I can do it online but they are all out of date and can't do i...

Green line after update

Before 2 days ago I have updated my ROG 5 and now I am facing issue of green line on my display. The line is now bold and become white. I am so irritated with the #ASUS.. If there is any solution please let me know.

Vibration has suddenly stopped working.

I've noticed that the vibration/haptic touch feedback just randomly stopped working on my ROG Phone 5 12 GB/256 GB variant. I've tried factory resetting and it doesn't work. Any other suggestions apart from taking it to a service centre?

Easy Fix Proximity Sensor on ROG 5

Hello, I simply solved the problem of the sensor always being activated.This happens because dirt enters through the speaker hole, which is close to the sensor and it becomes dirty.The solution, without compromising anything, involves spraying isopro...