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battey draining fast

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when i play bgmi then when battery percentage 40% it will automatically shutdown

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If your marijuana garden is experiencing drainage issues, you have two options: 1) use a French drain system that allows water to flow away from the garden bed; 2) install a soakaway pit (a septic tank-like device), which allows for a slow release of water over time and also increases the chances of the weed getting wet with rainfall. Both of these methods are effective solutions but should only used on small scale projects.

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Thanks for your useful advice. Now i hope it will solve his battery drain issue 🙎

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when i play bgmi then when battery percentage 40% it will automatically shutdown

battey draining fast
Your battery was broken
I suggest you to replace it

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how can you say my battery break

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When a correctly calibrated battery cannot keep the smartphone running between 30% and 40% remaining charge, it means that it has no more amperage and cannot meet the demand.
Under Android you have to put it into perspective, the % indicated is based on statistics, not on a load as a battery tester can do and Android uses this % to turn off the phone. This stat is viable after a battery recalibration.
In this case, turn on the phone and drain the battery until the phone turns off. repeat the operation several times until the on button is unable to turn on the phone.
Connect the charger, exclusively to the "Side" port (possible bug on the bottom port)
Wait for the green light to come on and wait another 1/4 hour without turning on the phone.
(do not panic if the red charging light does not come on right away, it can take 5 min from a 0% battery)
The battery is calibrated, disconnect the charger, you should be able to evaluate according to the time of use, around 5 hours while playing, if it is good

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Updated ROG 5s to A12, no issues with battery so far, got 7h SOT in 22h of usage and 30% still left.