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Asus rog phone 5s call of duty mobile

Star I

Hi, I yesterday got my phone, all good, but Call of Duty mobile, get lags... How to fix it?


Нет, я со вчерашнего дня зайти вообще в игру не могу, можешь темы ниже посмотреть, проблема у Rog Phone какие-то с call of duty  сейчас, может на этой почте и у тебя лагает

Игра загружается, но через 30 секунду вылет 

Star II

Faça um downgrade para o android 11 que resolve, fiz isso no meu rog phone 5s e funcionou. Jogo está normal

How to do it?

You can find the downgrade firmware here- Image version 18.1220.2201.192 for WW or 18.1220.2201.189 for CN version.
Before you start the downgrade, please make sure all pictures, important data finished the backup.
The downgrade process will erase all data to be a new system. ASUS company would not be responsible for the risk of data loss.
Steps of Update:
1. Download the firmware to internal storage.
2. Remove Google Account.
3. Pull down the quick setting list.
4. The system will pop up a message which detected a firmware update info.