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Call of duty mobile crash issue

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I have been playing this mobile game on my rog5s and if was all good but yesterday all of sudden it crashed after that I did everything such as cleared cache then data then reinstalled the game and after all of that I factory reset my phone and downloaded new fresh game but issue is still there tried those developer option setting also but nothing's helping please suggest something to fix this issue. Thanks 


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Проблема не только у вас, так что нам остаётся только ждать и надеяться, похоже проблема в самой игре

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Faça um downgrade para o android 11 que resolve, acabei de fazer isso no meu rog phone 5s e funcionou, jogo está normal

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The same thing happened to me! Cleared the cache & data, then uninstalled & reinstalled the game. Didn't work! Finally did hard reset the phone but the same result! Only downgrade to android 11 & try install the game again is my last option!

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Community Manager
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