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Even After three services Rog 5s not working properly

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I purchased Rog 5s mobile on 11 April 2022. software issue started from 2nd week of January 2023 just after a software update. It's wifi n hotspot stopped working. Then after 1st service, within a week new problem of auto rebooting started. N device used to reboot 20-30 times a day. 

Then again after 2nd service I was informed by the Service center engineer that issue is not resolved, (when I wentto collect it after 4 days.)

Then again phone was in remained in the service center for repair.

Three services are done by service center, twice motherboard of this phone has been changed. but again this device is not working properly.
Either the service center is failing in testing of this device after service or the ASUS is not providing the right authentic spare parts of this mobile or correct software update.
2 days back I have received this phone after 3rd service in which motherboard has been changed, again I am facing 3 new software problems

.1 Air triggers

2. Game genie not working 

3.whole screen flashing red light.
After 17 of January I have hardly used this mobile. Because after every service a new software issue come.

F1 Solution Service center at Chandigarh Sector 20A (ASUS service centre) is at a run of 7 hrs from my home. Revisiting Service centre will be like wasting 1 week again.

I am totally frustrated. From 17th January I have not used this mobile properly.


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Hi Anku

People over there are good. It's not their fault. They can use only those spare parts which company will provide.

Actually Company policies are same but implementation of those is different for different countries. If we were in USA we would hardly face any problem.

I am approaching consumer court . Let's see what will happen 🤞



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Hello @Hella ,

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
I have PM you for more detail information, please check.

Thank you.

Please help Hella with his/her device. No one wants a premium device of a brand to die or have multiple issues back to back. We are entitled to fix of the manufacturing issues of a device, unless the customer themselves somehow altered the device. I believe in the brand as i have a long history with it. Im asking for his/her behalf as we are from the same city.

Hello, @soulreaper0666 .

Certainly, I have escalated the case and forwarded it to the related team.

Thank you.

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I also went to the same service centre on Feb 17/02/23 my wifi and hotspot suddenly stopped working and they changed motherboard after that they found issue in fingerprint and now they are also changing the display for that i think so my device is still in service centre since then...i don't know what I will get...full this is too frustrating never buy Rog device