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Asus Rog 5s 5g wifi and hotspot not working and 5g network also not working

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Hi team,

I bought Asus Rog 5s 5g in Jan 2023. And now suddenly I'm not able to connect my wifi and hotspot it's not even opening and also I'm not able to connect 5g network via sim. Previously it was working fine but now suddenly after new Android update it's behaving like this can someone help. I need to use my hotspot and also reset is not an option if i bought this costly peice then it should be compatible with everything why suddenly everything becomes faulty.


Please provide the invoice of your phone purchase through messages.
I will then request assistance from the local service team to verify it together.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.


If it's in warranty then I'll suggest you try to get a refund instead of repairing it. This device doesn't worth 50K. 

How to claim refund ? @Shivam_G